• Summer Schmaling

Super-Majority Scheme; Sold Votes or Sold Out?

How Does your state representative VOTE?

If you choose to be a public servant, you should serve the public – not your own interests or special interests. Today, more than any previous era, we face a crisis of ethics and public integrity related to the “super-majority” in the Massachusetts Legislature. Speaker DeLeo, his leadership team, his appointed committee chairman and a select group of rank-and-file Democrat members are profiting professionally and personally from Speaker DeLeo’s power and influence on Beacon Hill.

Robert DeLeo has openly attempted to dismantle transparency and avert public scrutiny of his iron-fisted control over the Massachusetts House of Representatives. His budget deliberations are held in secret,open debate is limited, and the Speaker recently tried to pass legislation which would eliminate “roll call” votes within the Massachusetts House of Representative. Why? So that voters at home won’t know how their State Representative voted on controversial legislation – by eliminating all written documentation of individual votes while in session.

But, weren’t State Representatives elected to represent their hometown constituents? Why hide the votes?

This is how Speaker DeLeo keeps his “super-majority’ influence and dominance on Beacon Hill; by keeping the votes a secret he can protect and insulate his rank-and-file members so they don’t have to go back to their hometown district and explain their vote, on controversial legislation, to the voters that elected them.

Even DeLeo’s own leadership team and rank-and-file fiefdom have tried to suck up to DeLeo’s demands by voting, as ordered, 100% of the time with Speaker DeLeo. Nearly 70 percent of Democrat State Representatives voted with Speaker DeLeo over 100% of the time – That’s approximately 90 Democrats out of 129 Democrat lawmakers in the House of Representatives.

Robert DeLeo is by far the most egregious example of a powerful state politician dealing from the bottom of the deck – we need to hold State Representatives accountable for their individual votes. Does your State Rep. represent Winthrop Massachusetts or your hometown?

Restoring public confidence is about dismantling the Democrat “super-majority” that are selling their votes to improve their own financial standing or professional status.They should be voting how their constituents want them to vote, not Speaker DeLeo!

These State Representatives need to be defeated, district-by-district, in November.

I promise you this… if you vote for me to be your next State Representative from the 12thPlymouth District, I will be your vote and your voice on Beacon Hill.

I will NEVER sell your vote! I will NEVER sell you out!

Please read more here: https://www.bostonmagazine.com/news/2020/03/06/robert-deleo/