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Duxbury, Halifax, Kingston, Middleborough, Plymouth, Plympton



I am running for State Representative to break the status-quo of unaccountable and unresponsive government.


As a mother and scientist raising a family in Massachusetts, I am invested in the future of our community.   Like you, I want our community, our family and our home to be safe and affordable.  As a candidate for the 12th Plymouth District, I want to represent your needs and work toward our shared goals.


Together, I believe we can bring accountability and responsibility back to the State House and return efficiency and affordability to Massachusetts.  Let’s work together to bring real-world solutions using common-sense and logic; rather than the failed, business-as-usual processes and policies that plague Massachusetts.

Summer Schmaling Talking to a Voter


Summer’s approach to life is based upon the principles and values she acquired through her education and background in science. She is guided by knowledge, ethics, integrity, honesty, and objectivity.  Summer will apply each of these values and principles to solve problems facing individuals and families in Massachusetts.


She is a graduate of Bridgewater State University, where she earned a degree in Molecular Biology, graduating with honors and distinction as a member in the TriBeta National Biological Honors Society.  As an undergraduate, Summer’s biological research studied the effects of arsenic in drinking water at the Marine Biological Laboratory, in Woods Hole.  She then went on to conduct research at the Tufts University School of Medicine, studying the influenza virus and publishing her research in several scientific journals.


Summer’s involvement in public service began in 2013 while serving on the Town of Halifax Finance Committee. In 2014, she was elected to the Halifax Elementary School Committee and has served as Chairman of the Committee since 2015. She is also the current Chairman of the Halifax Republican Town Committee.


Summer has been a resident of Halifax, Massachusetts for nine years.  She and her husband, Jon Schmaling, and their three children fell in love with the town and feel blessed to call Halifax home.  Summer is running as a candidate for State Representative in the 12th Plymouth District where she seeks to apply the values and principles acquired through her science background to solve decades-old problems plaguing Massachusetts.





I am opposed to implementing new tax increases and oppose a graduated income tax.



I am opposed to Common Core. I believe local teachers and administrators are best-suited to develop our children’s curriculum.



I support disabled veterans receiving public housing priority.  I will advocate for businesses to receive tax incentives for prioritizing the hiring of veterans.



I support and will advocate for additional rehabilitation services, therapy, and expansion of in-patient care for the substance abuse community.



I support strong prosecution and sentencing guidelines for criminal drug dealers and traffickers. I support full cooperation between U.S. federal law enforcement agencies and all law enforcement within Massachusetts.




I’m guided by the U.S. Constitution and I support the Second Amendment.



I support lawful immigration only. I oppose illegal immigrants receiving social welfare benefits, driver’s licenses, or sanctuary status. I oppose Massachusetts becoming a sanctuary state and I oppose sanctuary cities.  I will oppose state funding for any sanctuary city.



I will support full public transparency of the budgeting process. I will advocate for state budgets which eliminate wasteful spending of tax-payer money.



I will defend and advocate for the 12th Plymouth District’s fair share of Massachusetts local aid.



Thanks for Joining the Team!

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